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Our Services


Establish accurate record-keeping by recording your financial transactions. M&J can organize your transactions that include but not limited to purchases, sales, receipts, and payments to perform tax and financial management.

Auditing Assistance

Receive audit support by a tax professional that will help you understand your IRS notice. Our tax professional will help you find out the reason of the IRS notice and what you need to do next.

Financial Planning

Receive a comprehensive evaluation by using a budget to predict future income risk management, and short or long-term savings.

Payroll Services

Let us collect wage and hourly information for your employees to calculate gross wages, subtract withholdings and deductions, and preparing employment tax filings.

Tax Planning

Limit the amount of tax liability you pay by carefully planning throughout the year. Stay updated on the latest laws and ways to save.

Tax Preparation

Allow us to navigate you through yearly tax laws by preparing your tax returns. All taxpayers will be supplied with sufficient information to ensure correct tax form completion.

Credit Consulting

Get educated about how to pay off debts, avoid debt in the future, and manage finances more effectively.

Notary Services

Let us help you draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents used in other jurisdictions.

Grant Writing

Obtain assistance completing an application for a financial grant provided by the government, foundation, or organization.

Business Plan

Let us help you write a business plan to display your company’s goals, objectives, and strategies to help your company secure loans, grants, and contracts.

Quick Start

Get the essentials needed to start a successful business such as EIN, business license, certificate of existence, and duns’ number.

Business & Financial Consult

As accountants and business consultants, we offer everything small businesses need to implement operational adjustments, reduce expenses, boost profits, and maintain optimal cash flow levels. We’ll get to know you and understand your business goals, and then develop a plan that will show you how to save money, grow, and flourish through the ups and downs of the economy.